Partners of Centraline by Honeywell

RAO Controls has now become a partner of Centraline by Honeywell and is in a position to offer the supply and installation of a full Building Management System, integrating all services within the Hawk platform.

The Hawk platform allows its users to control, manage and monitor many differing external devices easily via the internet, within both large and smaller installations.

The Hawk platform can also be interfaced to control and monitor the existing RAO Heating Controllers, so existing controllers can still be used when adding additional controls to the building if this is required.
RAO Controls will still continue to manufacture its existing range of products as these have proved over the years to be very reliable and cost effective with regards to fuel savings.
With the ever increasing cost of fuel and the effect of global warming perhaps now is the time to check and look again at your building controls.

Offering you a reasonably priced alternative to the standard building management system with excellent key features, including:

  • Separate programs daily
  • Minimum inside temperature control
  • Two pump over-run timers
  • First stage frost protection
  • Valve & boiler compensation
  • Multiple boiler sequencing
  • Chart recorder print outs
Heating System

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